Monday, November 11, 2013

I cant believe how fast this year has flown buy! so much has happened, I started and Etsy shop, two friends are getting married and I'm helping with the planning, two more friends are having their first children, I started a new part time IT job and Rachel and I have been selling at the local artwalk every month!  I have been busy playing with resin and perler beads as well as my cross stitching.

I haven't been slouching with my cross stitch I just have been slow updating all my sites :)
this was a baby shower gift!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


wow time sure flies these days! since my last post I have been so busy! My friends Rachel and Nicole and I had a booth at Mobicon selling our crafts in May.  I was surprised how many fellow kpop lovers are in Mobile it made me really happy!  After Mobicon I opened my etsy shop!
I sold my first item yesterday I was sooooo happy! 

My friend Nicole and I went downtown in Mobile yesterday to see Nicolas Cage and Danny Glubber film the new movie Tokerav! we were actually standing 10 ft from him it was pretty cool we got closer then all the other fans :)  Ive never had the pleasure of seeing a movie being filmed so it was a really cool experience we even ran in to an old coworker I haven't seen in ages!  Nicole even asked me to be a bridesmaid yesterday :)

This month has been very interesting I went to the art walk for the first time and saw several old friends, I went to the film scramble for the first time it was interesting seeing nonprofessional artist show off their work, went to a bar/club for the first time and have met some really awesome people. 

I also started 4 new dramas.  I started and finished Personal Taste (love lee min ho!) started and have 1 ep left of Nail Shop Paris, Fabulous Boys (remake of your beautiful starting JIRO WANG YEAH!) and midnight bakery (not too sure about this one).  Also I found out Jang Geun Suk has a new drama starting in the fall! woo!

well enough rambling talk to you later

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

promised pictures!

Well i finished 2 movies last night and a new drama.  the drama was called skip beat based off of  Japanese manga.  it was filmed in Taiwan but the two main male actors were from Korean boy bands! you know how i love kpop :)  the two movies i watched were kindaichi case files the Kowloon treasure.  the main guy was from hidamari tantei eye (awesome jdrama) it was made for the 60th anniversary o the Japanese TV station.  it had Wu Chen from the Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit as police officer lee, seung ri from the Korean band big bang, the main girl played haruhi in the jdrama host club and the assistant was ryu from the Korean drama flower boy next door which i just finished watching!  it was really good but kindaichi's usually are.  the other was a Chinese movie called love you  you.  omg it was so adorable!

Here are the pictures i promised in the last post!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Hi! This year has been crazy already! I had that awful flu for 2 weeks I’m still getting my voice back after 2 months and i'm buying a house hopefully! Rachel, Nicole and I went to Destination Anime back at the beginning of January to see my friends band Final Weapon play and to see what anime/ drama goodies they had.  It was surprisingly small for the money they asked for to get it but it was worth it for me to see Jacobs band play finally. Poor Rachel was kept out way to late I think though she told me “you know I turn into a pumpkin at 9pm.”  I’m Sorry Rachel!!!!!! I totally didn’t know it would be that late L.  I also got to go see my family the next day up in Montgomery.  I haven’t been slouching while sick and working though I finished 8 new cross-stitch projects (pics to come) and watched a butt load of dramas.  I watched Dream High 2 (16 eps), Skip Beat (15 eps), Flower Boy Next Door (16 eps), Ai Ore! The movie and the Host Club movie within the last 2 weeks.   And I want to give a shout out to my friend Amanda she sent me the cutest key chain ever because I won her first giveaway!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

busy busy busy!!!!

Hi sorry for it being so long since my last post.  I've been busy working multiple jobs this holiday season so i have been cross stitching as much as i would like, however i did manage to get a few done.

I got this pattern from the spring special of CSC.  it was a fast but cute project done in four shades of blue!
I made this pattern by looking at a picture so i'm sorry if its off a bit lol! i have a couple of friends who are crazy for doctor who so when i saw the picture i thought it would be  a perfect gift for one of them.  the other friend asked me to make her one so she can wear it on her wedding day go figure!
this is a work in progress it is a Japanese kimono!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

newest creations!

i ordered this book from bamm a week ago it finally came in its called twisted stitches.  it has some weird patterns in it but i loved the bookmark pattern i saw on a blog not to long ago and wanted to make it.  it also had a day of the dead skull my uncle wanted.  here is the bookmark.

i also made this cute samurai frog for my dad and a pink bunny i found in a couple of cross stitch magazines :)  i think i might have to cool it on the cross stitching for a bit as my wrist has been hurting lately but there are so many i still want to make *sigh*


Thursday, September 20, 2012


My friend Rachel has been encouraging me to finish love rain.  i have a habit of not finishing dramas i love due to not wanting them to end (silly i know).  I finally finished it but the last 4 episodes while good drove me mad with the back and forth drama between the characters had it not of been Jang Geun Suk i probably wouldn't have finished it but I'm glad i did.  It was a great drama worth watching.

Instead of finishing it as the series aired i started a new drama called To The Beautiful You.  it is based on the manga Hana Kimi (yes it is like the 7th one) this one i had to see because Minho from SHINee is the star playing the part of Tea Joon (sano for those who read the manga).  it is amazing how there can be so many versions but each one has a different take on the manga each one adds its own touch or uses something the others dont.  this one did away with the boy who sees ghost :( and made Sano's rival a classmate instead of from another school. they also added the fact that Tae Joon is a gold metal winner in the Olympics (since its an Olympic year) and the girl fighting for him was a gymnast (never seen that before!).  i am on ep 11 of 16 so far and i love it i cant wait for more and i hope Minho gets many more parts now for Taemin to get a lead role in a drama!